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Community Fundraising - FREE MONEY

Simply put, there are companies out there that want to give CHIME some of their money!! CHIME can earn free money every time you buy groceries, dine out or shop online, IF your club cards and other cards are registered!

Ralph's Grocery

Register with Ralphs for Free Money for CHIME!

Did you know that if you register your Ralphs card or phone number with CHIME, every Ralphs purchase you make will earn free money for us? Take a couple of minutes to sign up and the school will benefit all year long at NO COST to you. (It’s important that you do this again every year.)

Register online at (and also sign up to get email coupons or load coupons to your rewards card if you like).

  1. For new online customers, click on “Create an Account,” enter information, and follow prompts.

  2. If you are already registered, you need to RENEW your registration ASAP: click on ‘Sign In.”

  3. Once registered/signed in, click on “Community”, then “Community Contribution” (on the left menu), then “Enroll” (at bottom)

  4. Enter WU013 or type “CHIME”, then select organization from list and click on confirm/save changes.

  5. “CHIME Charter School” will appear under your Community Rewards Information and your receipt.

  6. Call 1-800-660-9003 for your rewards number if you don’t have it handy.

FREE MONEY: Features

Amazon Associates Program

Earning money for CHIME by shopping on Amazon

How it works: Our Amazon Associates program raises money when you click CHIME’S Amazon link on our website and purchase items from the Amazon store. CHIME is an ‘associate’ and we earn money by driving traffic (you!) to Amazon.  When items are purchased by that traffic (you!), the associate (CHIME) receives part of the ad revenue Amazon collects from advertisers. So, although you don’t see that you are making money for CHIME, you are!

The more items purchased, the more we earn per item purchased.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases

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